How to remove staked axle nut

how to remove staked axle nut Depending on the application, it is also available in a kit that includes   18 Apr 2019 Other way, assuming you have a replacement nut, is to drill down the groove so you remove the staked section. Pull the ends of the wire together around the nut so that they meet at a center point between the holes on each side of the nut and bolt. Seat the bearings by tightening the nut after raising the nut tap. It's easier to unstake the nut, remove the center cap on the wheel, reinstall the wheel, put the car on the ground, set the parking brake, then remove the nut. Jump to Latest and put the pointy end on the lug take a sledge or 5 pound mallet and hit the stake it should send a shock wave through Apr 22, 2009 · His alternative solution is simplicity itself: 'Loosen the axle hub retaining nuts about half to three-quarters of a turn from finger-tight and replace their cotter keys. I've cut away a good deal of the staked part of the nut and now hearing I need to put most of it back in the car to remove the 240 ft lb nut. If the right to bear arms doesn't apply to modern firearms; freedom of  Patent pending tool uses an air hammer to quickly and easily release and stake the crush type axle nuts found on many vehicles • This tool reduces the damage  Remove Castle Nut On Axle. You guys are nuts with heat and punches. The problem is that while I was under the car, I stripped the edges off a nut that I need to remove. Many manufactures stake (crimp) axle nuts found on 2 & 4 wheel drive vehicles to prevent the nut from loosening. small punchesscrewdrivers that you are goigng screw up Some of those are near impossible to get loose. The axle nut in the video is a Honda / Acura axle nut and the lip is not b Here is how much torque that is needed to lift or unbend the stake in an axle nut. Remove tires and locate the axle hub nut. -With the nut loosened go ahead and jack the car in the corner required, remove the wheel and support the car with a jack-stand. 11 gears so I needed to get nut off to determine what spline I had and replace the flange to fit my driveshaft. Technician B says that they should be chiseled off the stub axle if they are difficult to remove. The axle removal and reassembly went well. Remove the brake drum and shoes. SST 09930-00010 NOTICE: Loosen the staked part of the lock nut completely, otherwise the screw of the drive shaft may be damaged. Now remove the nut and spacer. Or, when new tires were put on by the previous owner, the shop loosened it either because they had no clue or to try to make sure the car came back for more work, what with this being a sure fire way to introduce a clank. Remove Wheel Center Caps 2. If you look closely at the nut you will see there is a small dent on the side that fits into a groove this is similar but better then using a cotter pin to retain the nut. While applying the brake, remove the lock axle hub nut. Unstake and remove the axle nut. Axle Nut-4WD Front,Rear . gently pull the entire spindle out until it stops, then rotate 90 degrees and let it rest on the steering knuckle. 2 Piece Punch Kit services Staked Axle Nuts found on many American, Asian & European 2 &. The nut was staked by driving the thin portion of the top of the nut down into the two notches on the end of the shaft. Oct 01, 2020 · Axle Nut Retainer For 1980-1986 Chevrolet K30; Spindle Nut Retainer Nuts Spindl. REMOVE REAR DIFFERENTIAL DRAIN PLUG (a) Using a hexagon wrench (10 mm), remove the drain plug and gasket, drain the oil. Chevrolet Spectrum Axle Nut Torque. If the ball joint turns with the nut, use a 6 mm hex wrench to hold the stud. Pry the teeth of the push nut up until they bend or break, allowing the push nut to be removed from the bolt. Install axle in reverse order of removing. Removal 1. Crown Automotive A867K Retainer Bearing/Spindle Nut Kit for Apr 30, 2009 · So I need to replace my CV Axle. Each side of the stake should be in contact with the slot in the wheel drive shaft. STAKE DRIVE PINION NUT. This way the axle nut can be removed. $107. Stake punch re-crimps the axle nut similar to factory installations. Remove drive shaft. These Rhinos are 4X4 vehicles, and they have an independent suspension with four individual axles. Find axle nuts at Lowe's today. 5 lb-ft) Be careful not to damage to the hub bolts when removing the front wheel and tire (A). REMOVE REAR WHEEL. 1 sold. Using the following tool from HarborFreight (P/N:66686) to pop the lower ball joint lose. Then you're fucked. Either leave the truck in gear and hammer on it with an impact wrench or put the truck in reverse and run the starter motor ( coil unplugged ) with a breaker bar wedged into the frame. I used the 1/2 drive breaker bar, a standard socket, and steel pipe from home depot. Remove the caliper bracket mounting bolts (B), and remove the caliper assembly (C) from the knuckle. (b) While applying the brakes, remove the lock axle shaft LH nut. 81 in. Once the spindle nut is removed you are going to want to take a hammer and tap the outer portion of the drum as well as the hub face a few times to break loose an rust/dirt. Compressed Length; M24 x 1. While applying the brakes, remove the lock axle hub nut. Remove the Cotter Pin. torq, a breaker bar, soaked in break free. Good luck, you have a lot to learn. I’m torn between Mopar’s $240-$300 tool for staking. Very happy with the result. And  22 Nov 2012 And now you know why most people don't like a staked receiver extension. Billy 1. SST 09930-00010. The axle nut requires a couple hundred foot pounds to remove. If the axle nut is a reasonable condition after removal, it can be re-used. I ordered it and called this morning but the warehouse sent a note saying they couldn't find it. Put the wheel and wheel nuts back on. Remove the cotter pin from the end of the stub axle. Caution: Don’t let the drive axle hang by the inner CV joint. Can you drive a small punch down the "slot" area on the shaft (left and right) and then attempt to wiggle it out a little bit (the portion of the nut that's staked). Notice that the paint line follows from axle to the nut. Use a piece of pipe on a breaker bar to pop the nut loose. nut will not budge. Or just a set that will attach to my air hammer. To achieve the proper torque setting, I just tightened it back to the same spot as it was when installed, then a smidge more. Remove stabilizer bar-to-control arm nut, spacer and bolt. 8. OEM CORTECO OR Stone Axle Shaft Seal Front Left 91205 P0X 005. Jun 20, 2009 · 4. Raise the stake (A), and remove the spindle nut (B), then Under the lower ball joint, remove metal clip that holds the castle nut in place. Hold front end of strut rod against bracket on torque tube so that rivet hole is centered on flat end of rod. 75" x . cause when i take a hub nut off i put a little loc tite on the treads to make sure it don't come off while i'm out ridin. $11. Remove front wheel and tire assemblies. But the professional thing to do is to "unstake" the nut and then back it off. Spread locking tab on spindle nut. If no powered impact tool is available, brace the wheel hub from moving by taking a long and strong metal bar (such as a crowbar) and bracing the bar on the ground and on two wheel hub lugs. Remove knuckle-to-strut attaching bolts. Don’t forget to stake the nut when you’re done. One way to remove a push nut is by inserting the top of a sharp flathead screwdriver or a chisel between the teeth of the push nut and the bolt. Remove front wheels and tires. Use a long pry bar and wedge it between two of the wheel studs and the ground. 2016-2017 37/50-ft/lbs/Nm After tightening to specification, turn an additional 60°. Remove nut using 32 mm socket. Jan 17, 2019 · Remove the CV axle nut cotter pin. KTC (the Japanese equivalent to Snap-On) makes a great de-staking tool that makes the job a lot easier. You stake the nut into a groove on the CV shaft. After installation driveshaft lock nut, stake the lock nut using a chisel and hammer as shown in the illustration below. Disconnect the ABS sensor bracket from the strut. Unbolt the strut from the Jul 14, 2020 · Makes it easy to remove and install spindle nuts. It might be helpful to rotate the axle nuts from left to right to prevent staking the nut in the same location of the previous staked location on the axle nut. Then just remove the nut with appropriate sized socket (I'd use a 1/2" drive) For some unknown reason, it's really not as easy as it sounds. Loosen the lower ball joint and remove the lower control arm from the steering knuckle. Sst 09930-00010. 2) Remove companion flange. There will be a notch in your axle and the axle nut will be indented into that notch. That compresses the clip and the shaft should just pull out. I had just received my service manual. After installation coking nut (A), stake the coking nut using a chisel and hammer as shown in the illustration below. I have try'ed a impact gun with 250ft. At this point, I had expected to be able to push the axle out of the bearing assembly but found that the tripot joint wouldn’t compress enough to let me get the threaded end of the axle out of the knuckle. lbs. Bending the tab over on the Tang washer will secure your castle nut in place. Remove the tie rod end ball joint (C) from the knuckle by using the SST (09568-34000). They spin at 10,000 rpm. This is typically when a one-time-use, self-staking nut secures the hub. (b) While apply the brakes, remove the axle shaft nut. It only took about 3 seconds. Jun 13, 2018 · 1. You will need to use a small dull chisel and or a center punch to remove the dent. . Remove 2 bolts holding top of spindle to lower part of strut/shock 7. (b) Using SST to hold the flange, remove the nut. If the boots get damaged, then you will need to pull out the axle to repair it. Remove inner bearing race from axle shaft with universal puller. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Some finesse is needed for that job. Sst 09930–00010 while applying the brakes, remove the hub lh nut. REMOVE REAR AXLE SHAFT LH NUT. NOTE: Always replace collapsible spacer whenever companion flange Location : Front, Driver Side Notes : 23. Spindle Hardware should be inspected frequently and replaced if they show signs of wear, or during complete hub rebuild or replacement. I had to buy a 1/4" cold chisel to do the job. The axle nut will usually be staked in place as a safety measure. Oct 03, 2019 · Remove axle hub nut by unstaking the staked part of the hub nut completely. com/product/13000-staked-axle-nut-punches/ I had never seen a crimped nut like this until I helped Dad replace the rear  To replace drive axle hub nut VH 10721088 by kit VH 10963147: When servicing axles fitted with the new kit, remove the staked nut and tang washer as   Tools were used for removing and staking a drive shaft nut on a truck restoration project. (The same nuts as were removed to access this stud are ideal) Thread one of the nuts onto the stud to be removed with the nut being installed UPSIDE DOWN. Remove spindle from stub of axle - it wiggles off 8. $64. Using a 32-mm socket attached to a powered impact driver, torque the CV axle nut off of the CV axle. 5 left. Now set the brake and use the wheel chock. That way it only takes one person. Some axle nuts are so beefy that they’ll tear up the threads on the way off. Raise and support vehicle. Punches are driven by a Air Hammer reducing service times. SST 09930-00010 (b) While applying the brakes, remove the lock nut. Step 29. Then with the help of the hammer, beat the nut and pull it out. This unique tool combines a 30 mm, 12 point special depth 1/2 inch drive impact socket with a axle nut lock ring release tool to unlock the 30 mm axle nut found on many Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Nov 30, 2016 · • Use a long handled ½” drive breaker bar to gain leverage to loosen the cv axle nut. (a) Using a hexagon wrench (10 mm), remove the filler plug and gasket. 2) Restrain the receiver like this: (notice the soft jaws, wood works too) 3) Put your man hands on that wrench and while keeping it square, remove the castle nut. In some models, this is either a large castle nut with a cotter pin sticking out of it or a stake nut. It needs a 30 millimeter 12-point deep socket to remove this axle nut. com. I broke only one ratchet, a 1/2" Craftsman swivel head (pipe was 6 feet long). To prevent damage to the caliper assembly or brake hose, use a short piece of wire to hang the caliper assembly from the undercarriage. Remove the drive axle/hub nut from the axle and discard it. The center support bearing should now be free to remove from the front half of the rear driveshaft. Next, you will install the Castle Nut. Remove three bolts, then upper transaxle mount bracket. 00. Once that is removed it's smooth sailing. I have all the parts and tools I need to do it. I use Blue Loc-tite and run the nut on w/ele. Use the ball joint tool to separate the lower control arm from the ball joint. Jul 10, 2012 · Hello, I am having trouble removing the left front 32mm axle nut on my 1997 Subaru Outback. Just be careful you don't take the corners off the nut. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Remove front axle hub nut. sptool. Use new nut. As a matter  30 May 2020 Also asked, how do you remove an axle nut cover? Using a medium size screwdriver and hammer tap the driver into the crack of the hub dust  Universal Staked Axle Nut Punches by Schley Products®. After installation, stake nut. 2 New Acura Honda Axle Stake Nuts Jan 23, 2020 · Thank you so much for this write-up and method. Remove the speed sensor The axle nut torque is 174-235 lbs/ft! You can only achieve this with the wheel on and the car on the ground. Helps in removing axle nuts that use a crush-type anchoring system and reduces the chance of damage to the axle threads; Use with your Matco air hammer, making it quick and easy to disengage/engage the crimp; 8. the longer the handle, the better. timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. Carefully raise staked portion of axle nut. Staking is when you take a chisel or a screwdriver, etc. Jun 10, 2014 · Do I need to remove the axle nut to replace the rotors? (2007 Mazda CX-7) It looks as though the axle nut and rotor screws all need to be removed in order to replace the rotor. Check axle nut torque again, then “stake” the nut collar unto the axle detent with a chisel or similar to lock it in place. Now, according to the Tundra repair manual, you need a puller to pull the flange off the splined end of the shaft. Remove rear disc brake cylinder assembly lh (see page br-55) Nov 21, 2010 · Remove the wheel and tire assembly. Destination page number Search scope Search Text Search scope Search Text Removing Broken or Damaged Studs. Self-staking nuts are only intended to be It is just pressure fit onto the axle. REMOVE REAR DRIVE PINION NUT (a) Using a chisel and a hammer, unstake the staked part of the nut. Replace with new parts, locknut, dust cover, knuckle bushings and hub bolts (if worn). Remove clip securing right side brake hose to support bracket, release hose from bracket. carbineone1964. to remove the damping adjuster to bleed the shock, but it is staked in two places as This leaves a slight flare on the end of the shaft which works like a self  General Tech Help - Unstaking axle nut? - I've been trying to find out how to stake /unstake an axle nut, and I have not found very clear explanations. After you remove the stakes. Make sure the axle nut is properly torqued. Pro-Torq ® Axle Spindle Increase tire life and reduce seal failure with the Pro-Torq ® axle spindle nut. Tighten Nut approximately 60 degrees 6. Go ahead and torque that axle nut off using your breaker bar + pipe extension or your fancy air tools. Thats why I pushed the metal from the end plate out of the groove. to remove front axle. Remove the grease cap. Let it sit for about 5 mins after saturating the nut with it. Schley patent pending 13000 I have entire rear end and diff out of my series 1 car and I'm trying to remove the staked nut from the stub axle. Remove front wheel. To remove the CV Axle, you have to remove the nut on the end of the axle at the hub. This axle requires that you have a 19mm allen bit. Make sure you have fun doing it! Use a small screwdriver and hammer to "un-stake" the nut. Then remove the castle nut. Remove the nut lock and spring washer. *lbf) 7. (b) Tightening 2 bolts, bend the nut locks. Disconnect the sway bar link from the sway bar. The procedure is simple, all you got to do it make some cuts on the head of the bolt, and long enough so that then nut can be removed easily. Notice: Loosen the staked part of the nut completely, otherwise the screw of the drive shaft may be damaged. The wrap should be 5 to 6 twists per inch. The CV axle will easily pull out of the transaxle, almost too easily when you don't want it to. Clean and inspect the axle shaft prior to installing a new hub Remove front wheels. REMOVE FRONT AXLE HUB LH NUT (a) Using SST and a hammer, unstake the staked part of the lock nut. 1. This release tool has a patent pending unique angle that allows the technician to easily unlock the 30 mm axle nut. I would unstake the nut using a punch or chisel before trying to remove it. A mechanic friend showed me a neat trick to remove the axle bolt on the front of a front-wheel-drive Honda. You must use the center punch to bend the inner edge of the nut upwards to allow you to loosen it off the shaft. I tried popping out the lower ball joint, but no luck. The axle nut in the video is a Honda / Acura axle nut and the  12 Jan 2016 SP Tools 13000 Staked Axle Nut Release and Punch Set allows technicians a quick and easy way of removing staked axle nuts, and also an  I read that removing a staked axle nut without unstaking it can damage the axle threads. I'm tearing into my t-case, and I've got the rear output nut "un-staked" but can't make any progress with the nut on the back of the tranny input shaft  12 May 2010 Typically a staked nut has an unthreaded portion on the outermost portion of the nut that is much thinnner in material thickness. Remove the bolt and nut from the wishbone that attaches the shock to the lower control arm (17mm). Use with your Matco air hammer, making it quick and easy to disengage/engage the crimp. with an impact gun will loosen it up just a little, if not remove it completely. still hammer the tab back down into the notch and your down. Reuse of the old nut could potentially cause the nut to loosen during vehicle operation. just try to pull the stake out of that nut. 3/8's Snap-on impact and rattle it about 3 seconds after tight they have never come loose on their own and l haven't had any bad wheel bearings yet. REMOVE DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER FROM OVERHAUL STAND ETC. Cost was nearly zero as you can rent the tools from many local auto parts stores. So far it looks dry after driving it. To check the nut torque, use a 36 millimeter socket and set the torque wrench to 95 to 105 foot pounds. 13. Some machines will have a stake nut here instead of a castle nut. If you don't unstake it, you can't spin it off. Report abuse. REMOVE FRONT AXLE HUB LH NUT (a) Using SST and a hammer, unstake the staked part of the axle hub LH nut. This is a locking mechanism to prevent the axle nut from loosening. Raise the vehicle, and make sure it is securely supported. Bolt rear end of new strut rod to axle housing, bringing nut up finger tight. Do not twist the brake hose with force. bearings the nut usually does not line back up to where it was staked  Designed to release and stake the crush type axle nuts equipped on modern vehicles; MST130 helps in removing and replacing axle nuts that use a crush- type  11 Jun 2018 https://www. m (9. 22 Feb 2012 I am unable to unstake the axle nut, I have tried screwdrivers, flat/thin punch slot to raise the nut indent to near where it started before it was staked. Remove the bolt and two nuts that connect the lower suspension arm to the wheel bearing hub. I checked napa, a couple of dealerships and advanced auto, AA is the only place that has it. Fully crimps the nut, eliminating the chance of axle nuts coming loose Use with your Matco air hammer, making it quick and easy to disengage/engage the crimp Length 8. The nut is staked so tight that, it does not look like it can be unstaked with a  SPINDLE NUT SOCKETS UNDERCAR SIM540A YA6545 Staked Axle Nut Axle Nut Socket • Remove or install 1996 and later Dodge ® truck axle nuts • Use   Results 1 - 24 of 168 Order Spindle/Axle Nut for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Determined I have 4. 2014-2016 37/50-ft/lbs/Nm. Replace the Nut, or 3. The reason is you have to remove the cv axle nut and axle out of the way before removing the bearing and hub. Sep 21, 2012 · Tightening the axle nuts is intended to properly seat the wheel bearing on the rear hub. Figure 5. 88. What is staking the bolt anyways ? now it's ok to remove that finger loose bolt from the steering knuckle, and the stake nut. Before we can remove this axle nut, we need to bend back the staking. With an assistant applying brakes, remove and discard drive shaft hub nut. It's actually, once it's installed, it's been peened in, or staked. 7. Step 4 – Remove the axle nut. Take care removing it you don't want to damage it. I did not do this, I did torque the bolt down though. Start by removing the hubcap for the respective wheel of the CV axle to be replaced. In these applications, a new nut must always be used when installing a hub. Some fellow z-nuts have suggested putting the nut back on the stub axle and pounding it with a ball-peen 4. Replace Center Cap Recommended Tools: trim removal tool multi­purpose grease staking tools 36mm socket and extension 3. Use an old screwdriver to pry out the locking dent in the hub nut. 5. If it doesn't have to be done today, most tyre places would probably help. So I need to take another punch and work it underneath. Detach the trailing arm from the knuckle (full instructions are in the Haynes manual Chapter 10 ), then pry the knuckle outward and remove the outer end of the drive axle from the hub. I believe. Before so much as jacking up the vehicle, you need to remove the axle nut. 8) Using a suitable chisel or punch, stake the nut into the keyway as shown in Figure 5. Thanks Moses. This is the hardest part of the job. 6. you will strip your axle threads just like 2svt said. 129 on the front drive axle shaft nut. I am really stuck on this pinion nut. To undo and remove kit VH 1096314: When servicing axles fitted with the new kit, remove the staked nut and tang washer as follows: 1) Using a suitable small chisel or punch, fully bend-out the staked part of the nut as shown in Figure 6. Just give them a CC as a deposit. Carefully remove the axle shafts to prevent damage to the axle shaft bearing and axle shaft seal in the axle tube. Finger tightened back into position then several more turns with 35mm socket and breaker bar. Remove flange nut. next time the nut HAS to come off you might have to use a little heat to help back the nut off. Used with an air hammer, it is  14 Jul 2016 The spindle nut connects your halfshaft to your wheel hub, and often looks like a rusty, crusty mess sitting at the center of your brake rotor. Schley patent pending 13000 air hammer punch kit simplifies the removal & and re-crimping of the staked nuts. Sep 28, 2010 · The removal and installation instructions on mitchell online says to put on a new nut and torque it to 74 foot pounds and peen it for the rear. Drain transaxle fluid. Pull axle out of car - transmission fluid will leak out if not drained The only added step on reassembly is to Stake the hub nut Remove our axle nut with our 32 mm socket, breaker bar, and a cheater pipe. If you're doing it without a gun, try popping the centre cap out of the wheel, then setting the Foz back on the ground. do these cars have staked axle nuts? if they do you need to unstake it before you try to remove it. : loosen the staked part of the nut completely, otherwise the screw of the drive shaft may be damaged. "Staking" is the bent flange that discourages the nut from backing off. So Im sure you can now figure out what unstaking is. Remove wheel, pop the cap off, put wheel back on, put car on ground, grab big f***ing bar and give'er hell. The ball joint is stud-end up (opposite Accords and Civics) and normal tools won't work. lbs. You might have a plastic cap covering the castle nut that you will need to remove first. Remove and discard collapsible spacer. Torque: 13 N·m (130 kgf·cm, 9 ft·lbf) 29. It’s best to de-stake the axle nut before removing it. Compressed Length; M20 x 1. DO NOT scratch speed sensor rotor serrations. Instead, squeeze the broken stud out with the remover tool (Photo 1). Sprayed the bolts with Kroil oil a few times the week prior to removal. 75" length x . (a) Using SST and a hammer, unstake the staked part of the axle hub LH nut. Sep 07, 2020 · When discussing axle hub nuts, Technician A says that they are never to be reused after they have been staked. Try as I might I can't get the axle nut to budget - couple questions: 1. To hold the hub when removing / replacing the nut, I bought a piece of 1 1/4" square tubing, 3 feet long. Ft. INSTALL FRONT AXLE HUB LH NUT (a) Using a socket wrench (30mm), install a new axle hub LH nut. You are *required* to use the date. It's on the right side of the rotor. My manual said that after I remove the driveshaft, count the number of threads on the pinion shaft that are exposed. With the brakes applied, loosen, but do NOT remove the axle nut and washer with the vehicle still on the ground or damage to the wheel bearing will result. You will need to remove the nuts and apply some grease, this will help with setting the proper torque on the nut. 27. You should then be able to pull the drum off. After removing the cotter pin and castellated nut, bang on the side of the casting where the tapered tie rod end goes through with a BFH (big frickin' hammer) and it should eventually come loose. diameter. Style 1: Stake the center of the wheel drive shaft nut (1) and ensure it is fully staked. Your order  12 Jun 2020 YOU CANNOT REMOVE THE AXLE NUT WITH A BREAKER BAR in in shows one way on how to get the crease our from the staked axle nut. It’s a 30mm nut. Remove the wheel, and stake the new axle nut with a punch tool to secure it in place. The T50 rotor bolt. These axles have joints on each end which are protected by rubber boots. 27 Dec 2007 Or, the nut could be torqued down and then the locking plate installed and staked over the axle nut by pounding the socket so the bent edges of  25 Aug 2010 Hi, In case anyone is wanting to replace the axles on their odyssey there socket will easily remove the axle nut without prying out the staked  29 Jul 2018 hi all, the rear axle/spindle. There may be a cotter pin or staked edge keeping the nut in place. ~~~~~ Remove the bolts or nuts at the end of the axle and remove the axle from the axle tube. Once you bust the lower ball joint and break the axle spline loose from the hub you can pull the entire brake/hub assembly toward you enough to clear the axle stub. just take them off,the " staked" part will break or bend out of the way,then buy a new nut  The nut is staked and I realize this has to be removed by grinding. Didn't have the right tools and an air hammer on the knuckle did nothing. You need to take a chisel to break those two sections out in order to have a chance to remove the nut. Loosen upper mount pivot nut, then rotate mount out of way. it IS staked. 7 Jan 2011 I'm not an idiot, but I can't remove the front axle nuts. hub / brg 1 Remove Axle Nut remove wheel/tire & push out center cap from inside-to-outside of wheel (in case of needing to lower car with tire back on to resist breaking axle nut free) un-stake axle nut remove axle nut 1/2" or 3/4" breaker bar & 32mm or 1. Stake the Nut again, or 2. The procedure is:Jack vehicle safely off the ground,remove wheel and Oct 27, 2017 · Honestly, staking a hub nut with a hammer and punch/chisel may have been fun when I was a kid. There's no cotter pin. Normally, it is recommended that if you remove them, you should replace them. I waked it a few times with a cold chisel and stop'ed before i deformed the nut. To remove bearing bend up the locknut stake and remove axle nut - torque is between 159 - 217 ft pounds. NOTE:If removing right drive axle, unbolt dynamic damper from engine block. Remove the nut and slide the axle out the back of the hub. I torqued the nut to 181 ft-lbs, then staked the nut to the indentation of the axle which locked it in place. Take the speed sensor off. Grease one side's axle nut threads and tighten it down hard while leaving the other one off. Then, use the 19mm allen with your foot pounds torque wrench and tighten the axle 59 to 79 foot pounds. I used a Milwaukee cordless impact to remove, and the same to reinstall. 2. You can reuse these, but it won’t hurt to replace them with new ones. I have a few friends with similar cars and get asked if I want to do them several times a year. I am unable to unstake the axle nut, I have tried screwdrivers, flat/thin punch, etc. NOTICE: Loosen the staked part of the nut completely, otherwise the threads of the drive shaft may be damaged. Remove Nut & Grease Nut face 4. Mar 29, 2019 · Remove the vehicle’s hubcap. 2 ~ 107. YOu may need a helper to stand on the brake or wedge the center of the rotor against the caliper to prevent it from turning. If an axle nut was not correctly torqued, it could be a major safety issue. It's a nut, technically. Using a puller, remove front bearing from housing. Remove the tie rod end ball joint from the knuckle. Working against the punch, loosen the axle nut. - Screwdrivers may not un-peen the staked axle nut. Some people cut the nut off - you need a good grinder and even better eye protection, my friend. Slide knuckle assembly off axle shaft, and wire aside. Release ABS sensor and pad wear sensor harnesses from bracket. If you are on a forum and someone recommends to; or watch a video and see someone; just put a 30mm Axle Deep socket on the nut and spin it off with an impact wrench *DO NOT DO THIS* get this tool or dremel out the staked nut. (b) While applying the brakes, remove the lock axle hub LH nut. Just remove the centre cap of Get Free 2003 Acura Tl Axle Nut Manual 3. Torque: 294 N*m (3,000 kgf*cm, 217 ft. 5" diameter Remove rear axle shaft nut (for 4wd) Using sst and hammer, unstake the staked part of the nut. 5" diameter. have to replace broken wheel stud; not enough room to knock out broken stud with hub in place, back of stud hits interference with sheet metal shroud before comming free. Remove grease seal with Oil Seal Puller (09308-00010). Heat the drum around the center evenly and it usually loosens so that you can remove it by hand. Tightening the axle nut-1997 Legacy and Impreza . it is always ideal to have extras of these to ensure your Tang Washer is always in perfect working order. are you the original owner. In other words, soak the axle nut with PB Blaster or Kroil before trying to loosen it. Fits 1984–92 Ford Ranger and Bronco II with manual hubs, 1986–95 Ford F-series 1/2-ton truck, full size Bronco with Dana 44 front axle, 1990–93 Dodge trucks with Dana 44 automatic hubs. use an impact thought, had to remove one in the woods once and it took me and 2 other guys to get it off using a rachet and a cheater bar. This one makes the job easy and foolproof. Lug nut on August 29, 2017: Being the sure-shot method, it is not the cleanest yet the best method to remove the nut from the damaged bolt. Chevrolet Sprint Axle A spindle or axle nut secures your hub to your spindle or axle. Tightening torque: 88. , and I am just making it worse, the stake is pressed very tightly to the metal and have not been able to create a gap, on the contrary is getting worse as I hit it, the bent becomes more pronounced as I try to pry it open since there is no gap with the key, looking for tips, leaning towards cutting the stake you can get axle nuts at honda, auto zone, napa, advance auto, etc auto zone may have a loaner tool, like a big ass breaker bar you could get from them but i def recommend the screwdriver in the rotor and then a ratchet or breaker bar with a big mofo'in pipe Loosen axle shaft nuts – The large amount of instant torque can damage CV joints; Tighten any nuts – It is very easy to over-tighten any nut with an impact wrench. Read more. Unstake Nut (optional) 3. (a) Using SST and a hammer, release the staked part of the rear axle shaft nut. Loosen the drive shaft nut and remove Loosely fit the nut until it is flush with the end of the drive shaft; Tip: This helps to prevent damage to the drive shaft threads and is also a reason to discard the nut. The nut is torqued to 202 ft lbs so it takes a lot to get it turning. If the rotor will not come off, strike the "hat" (middle section of the rotor) with a hammer. Surprised you've not come  4 May 2010 Dana have noticed an increase in Pinion / Input shaft thread damage claims. This is a black nut (if you have an OEM axle) that is a 12 point 30mmnut. However, I see all sorts of videos from … 22 Feb 2012 I am unable to unstake the axle nut, I have tried screwdrivers, flat/thin punch, I have always used an impact to remove axle nuts, messing with the stake it aint PINNED. I purchased a 3/8” center punch & 1/2" cold chisel to un-stake the nut, but they were causing damage to the Shaft, so I used an angle grinder to modify the center punch. Remove oil slinger. wheel bearings have gone on my Sprint, I've just tried to As Mosschops said the left hand side uses a staked nut. A cotter pin is used to keep the connection between the ball joint and control arm in tact in case the nut comes loose. Remove the cover on the spindle. The nuts on my Escort were staked down (the nut was bent into a slot - meaning it can't turn). Do Clean the Axle Shaft before Installation. now this has worked for me several times Remove the axle nuts (36mm) with an impact wrench if possible; if not, use a breaker bar. Loosen the wheel nuts slightly. 2013-2015 177/240-ft/lbs/Nm Use new original equipment nut. This tool reduces the damage to threads while fully locking the nut in place Similar to MST6438 (1360 units sold in the last 12 months) And MST6438-2(405 units sold in the last 12 months) Features: Saves time and money by having proper tool and reduces amount of broken screwdrivers. Going to spray some rust penetrant on the nut and the threads to help it move. Staking the axle nut-1997 Legacy and Impreza . SP Tools 13000 Staked Axle Nut Release and Punch Set allows technicians a quick and easy way of removing staked axle nuts, and also an easy solution to re-st They can be a pain at times and this is one way that almost always works for me I had to remove and axle nut and didn't have the luxury of a powerful impact so I made a video showing how to do this. Pry downward on lower control arm to separate control arm from knuckle. • The axle nut will require almost 200 ft/lbs of torque to remove and the rotor must be blocked to prevent it from rotating. Take the cotter pin out . Use a jack stand. 4 Jan 2017 However, right after you get the nut off, remove the axle shaft from the The nut was staked by driving the thin portion of the top of the nut down  The nut I took off was properly staked at the factory but it was a little too No I didn't try to remove them but I did try to re-torque the other 3 to  28 Feb 2014 after I unstake the axle nut, is there a trick to removing it without having someone step even my electric impact runs them off still staked down. okay. SST: 09930-00010. You do not need to remove the axle retaining clip. Hold the prybar while you torque the nut. It’s not necessary to heat it until it’s red hot or anything like that, just hot enough to expand and loosen the drum. If I 1. I wouldn’t use an impact hammer for that job myself. 2L 98-02 Accord V6 Only. 3: REMOVE UPPER AND LOWER SHOCK BOLTS 4: MANUALLY REPOSITION THE SHOCK OUT OF YOUR WAY 5: REMOVE AXLE NUT. Apply brakes, and loosen but DO NOT remove axle nut. Then replace everything back to that position. If the threaded portion is somewhat damaged, a thread file is the best tool to use to clean it up. Then pull it through. This area is  30 Mar 2016 Youtube not helping :) The axel nut has a notch/punched into the grove of the masonry cold chisel is the best for staking and unstaking an axle nut. Remove the nut. 0 kgf. Now remove the hub, retaining ring, rear wheel knuckle, wheel bearing (if loose), dust cover. Nov 12, 2020 · If replacing drive axle with new, now is the time to remove the axle bolts and flat washers and transfer these parts over to the new axle. Next, place a bunch of washers over the stud and spin on the lug nut. 8 Oct 2008 Now i cant remove the main hub nut(in the center of the rotor) so I to carefully raise the staked portion of the front axle wheel hub retainer". Good luck Aug 04, 2009 · REMOVE FRONT AXLE HUB LH NUT Using SST and a hammer, unstake the staked part of the front axle hub LH nut. happened once and My rear end has a crush sleeve in it. Helps in staking axle nuts that use a crush-type anchoring system and reduces the chance of damage to the axle threads. We strongly recommend against it. It’s staked into the hub, so the tough part is getting it to budge. On many cars, that can damage the wheel bearing. Remove front speed sensor lh (see page bc- 191) At home, use a flat headed screwdriver and hammer to beat the staked in part of the nut outwards until you can grab it with pliers and bend it outwards enough to clear the shaft. Apr 30, 2015 · if you're down to not much nut left you can take a 1/8 to 1/4 cross cut chisel and slot thru the nut or a peanut grinder will slowly slot a groove thru the nut outside diameter. Now, the reason we're not going to reuse this axle is because normally when you unthread the nut, I would have to unthread it all the way to the end of the axle shaft before I could remove it. Remove Hub nut - 32mm 6. Once the castle nut is off, you can remove the hub, which will usually have the brake rotor attached to it. any other way? if not need suggestion for freeing nut. Take a pair of pliers or vise grips and get good grip on the nut, gently pull and twist at the same time, back and forth back and forth. Fig. Now drive the car a mile or two on a bumpy road. m, 65. I thought the axle wasn't supposed to move relative to the axle nut. Remove the wheel. Remove lower control arm ball joint clamp bolt. Rotate the hub until you find a deep recess so you can angle the stud into the hole. If an axle nut loosens or falls off, the hub bearings can move, causing a wobbling effect. I've It looks like someone staked the nut and then tightened it 1/2 a turn. • Don’t loosen the axle nut while the vehicle is on the ground with full vehicle weight on the wheel bearing. Install axle bolts on differential and tighten. Feb 23, 2013 · You will need to raise the staked portion of the nut so it can turn freely then you will need a pipe on your breaker bar to extend your leverage. Others are made to be used without a retainer. Shop axle nuts and a variety of hardware products online at Lowes. I found it easiest to remove the castle nut with an impact wrench. Straighten out the stake in the axle nut with a flat head screwdriver or punch. 94 in. Now put the wheel back on and tighten it up and lower the car. Use a chisel or screwdriver to unlock the nut. Found axle nut backed off several turns. During a recent front axle seal replacement on my rig, the impossible happened, the axle nut somehow cross threaded on the way OFF my RCV stub shaft. Once it moves, the rest is easy. Nov 23, 2010 · When I replaced my front CV axle 3 weeks ago, I was really surprised how easily the axle nut came off with my electric impact gun. Just line up the staked part of the nut with the keyway in the axle shaft and then bump the trigger a few times more. Remove rear disc brake cylinder assembly lh (see page br-55) Stake punch re-crimps the axle nut similar to factory installations; Tool bag included; Many manufactures stake (crimp) axle nuts found on 2 & 4 wheel drive vehicles to prevent the nut from loosening. i broke out the service manual and they say these axle nuts needs to be torqued to like 250 ft. The spindle nut is often "staked" or secured with locking tabs. Most BMWs use a 36mm axle nut, but in this case I found a 41mm nut - so I suspect a previous owner already had an aftermarket shaft fitted due to previous failure. The Yamaha Rhino is a popular off-road vehicle, made to carry multiple people off the trail. The FSM says "using a chisel and hammer, loosen the staked part of the nut". A Service News Article released by Honda in 2001 lists a revised torque spec of 220 lb-ft. I would have thought a socket would have been better than a spanner, a gentle tap all round with a hammer, some WD40. For the front stabilizer bar link assy, remove the nut and separate the stab link assy from the strut assy. 3. Remove two upper transaxle-to-engine bolts. I have the hub assembly but it didn't come with the spindle nut. Apr 27, 2019 · You may need a punch or chisel to open the tip of the spindle nut if it's staked. 27 Nov 2015 Here is how much torque that is needed to lift or unbend the stake in an axle nut. I believe they're like a 1-1/4 or 1-5/16. By that I mean about half way to off. For vehicles with rims, you may simply have a cap at the center of the wheel rather than a hubcap. - Buy a new axle nut and, if needed, a snap ring (depending if you live in a rust belt). It seems that you can remove the nut without unstaking, but it doesn’t take very long to do. now this has worked for me several times Replace CV drive axle Never use Impact wrench to remove Axle Nut (Damage to bearing and CV-joint) Many suspension components are removed and wheel alignment often required after replacing ½ shafts (C/V drive axle) Do not pull on axle shaft to remove inner C/V-joint from transaxle Then, using a hammer and chisel, loosen the staked part of the nut. I only have a max 150 lb. Remove oil seal from housing. Axle Spindle Nuts, Washers and Hardware. Nut will come off without any issue. 6 Remove the caliper and bracket. Spark EV. Nov 08, 2011 · Un-stake the 30mm Staked Nut. 1985-1988 137/186-ft/lbs/Nm. I was quite careful when I used my die grinder to grind off the staked nut to ensure that the threads of the stud axle would be left un-harmed. That is such bogus nonsense and that's why you get disagreement every time you say it. 18. How To Remove Front Axle Nut On A 2001 Focus Description Of : How To Remove Front Axle Nut On A 2001 Focus May 22, 2020 - By William Shakespeare * Free PDF How To Remove Front Axle Nut On A 2001 Focus * removing a very stuck cv joint from a ford lift the wheel from which you want to remove the 1) Get a good 3-point castle nut wrench. you need to shape it back out of the notch before you try to remove it ( I hope this makes sense) I usually get mine off with an impact gun. 17 May 2002 I just bought an axle nut socket to remove that big brass nut. 5 Spindle Nut Thread Size; 30mm Spindle Nut Hex Head Size; Stake Axle Nut Locking Type; Spline Input and Output Shaft Connection Style Quantity Sold : Sold individually Spline Count : 22 (inboard splines), 24 (outboard splines) Spline Warranty : Lifetime A1 Cardone limited warranty This is installing onto your Axle after you put on your Washer. Remove the cotter pin on the lower ball joint nut and then remove the nut (17mm). 5 Spindle Nut Thread Size; 32mm Spindle Nut Hex Head Size; 27 Input Shaft Spline; (26) Output Shaft Splines; Stake Axle Nut Locking Type Condition : New Quantity Sold : Sold individually Warranty : 1-year TrueDrive unlimited-mileage warranty Prop 65 Warning : After installation driveshaft lock nut, stake the lock nut using a chisel and hammer as shown in the illustration below. Release stake in drive shaft nut. Heavy duty steel construction. New Front CV Axle Driver Side 01-03 CL 99-03 TL 3. Sometimes it’s tempting to reuse the old nut. I had to use a drill to drill both sides to remove enough material so the nut could be broken loose. i ve used blue loctite and sometimes red loctite. Feb 13, 2013 · My grandfathers 2006 Buick Lacrosse failed inspection for a hub bearing yesterday. Remove three nuts from upper transaxle mounts. REMOVE REAR DRIVE SHAFT ASSEMBLY LH The front hub coking nut should be replaced with new ones. The specs chart shows this for the rear, The cotter pin is easy to remove with a pair of pliers. You don't have to worry about removing the stake in the axle nut, it will remove itself. I had two big name tire shops tell me the lug nuts were seized on and needed to be cut off and would cost hundreds. Drain transaxle oil. to loosen front axle nut leave vechicle weight on wheel then just loosen front axle nut because axle nut torque at 217 ft lbs torquehard to loose axle nut with vechicle weight off wheel. - Socket for axle nut is a 30mm deep 12-point. I remove axle nuts with just a breaker bar or ratchet with a long piece of pipe slipped over it. Free shipping . It’s a bit of a challenge to remove the axle nut b/c it is on there so tight. The explanation Before removing the nut it must be De-staked. Twist both ends of the wire together using the pliers. Location : Front Driver Side Notes : 23. The oil seal looked very hard to get to and seemed to be in great shape, so I left it alone. If you do not have access to the correct torque wrench, you should at least take the time to make sure that the axle nut is not loose. All right, let's spray some rust penetrant on the end of the axle. 4. stop when near the axle threads and split the nut open from there I tried just using a chisel to lift the indent but it wasn't perfect causing some damage to the threads and making the removal/install of the nut frustratingly hard. Just insert it in the gap, whack with a small sledge a few times and you're ready to spin the nut off without damaging the axle threads. I recently did the tube works clutch mod. Remove 1951 Buick rear axle, drill out strut rod rivet and remove strut rod as described in subparagraph a, Steps 1, 2, 3 above. AXLE NUT - Instead of the nut collar being staked at an angle on the axle end indentations, it was hammered straight in making it impossible to hammer a screwdriver in between and pry the collar away from the axle on either side. Apr 20, 2018 · Take your wheel off and pop out the center cap if it's an alloy or remove the wheel cover if steel. Patent pending tool uses an air hammer to quickly and easily release and stake the crush type axle nuts found on many vehicles. Mar 21, 2009 · After some advise on another forum ive come to believe that my stub axle is bent. I remove the staked lip section very careful and once it broke free from the 175ftlb torque, it spun with very little resistance off the stub (a) Using SST and a hammer, release the staked part of the front axle shaft nut. Oct 14, 2007 · Jack up the corner you are working on. 0L)/2001-2003 ACURA TL,CL. Just pop out the center cap to get a 32mm socket on the axle nut. INSTALL ADJUSTING NUT LOCKS (a) Install 2 new nut locks on the bearing caps. Instead of a cotter pin this is what locks the axle nut in here. I had previously used the same impact gun to do the same job on my Nissan Maxima, it took 5-6 minutes of intermittent impacting before the nut came loose. Then tighten axle nut, you will complete final torque of axle nut with vehicle wheel on ground. Location : Front, Passenger Side Notes : 37. The guns will typically un-stake the nut enough to allow for rotation, [flamesuit] without damaging it so much that it can't be reused [/flamesuit]. Sep 21, 2012 · Use the staking tool to unstake the nut. 9 left. Pull downward on the lower control arm to allow the steering knuckle to be removed from the ball joint. Mapp gas will get that nut glowing brightly it will just take a fair amount longer than oxy-acetylene. Loose axle nuts seem to be a chronic problem with Chryslers. Stake Nut 7. Tap the end of the axle to drive it back through the bearing hub. support the rear wheel bearing carrier with a jack, followed by removing strut lower mounting bolt, then using the jack lift wheel bearing carrier so that the inside of drive axle clears the rear differential, then using BMW special tool 33 2 111 / 116 / 117 to remove the staked collar nut and press output shaft out of the wheel hub and remove the drive axle. Trailer Parts Superstore® offers a large selection of axle spindle nuts, washers, tang washers and cotter pins to fit almost any type of trailer. Tricks of the Trade: GM Axle Nut Styles How to: Remove and Install a Bearing with Timken Shaft Guarding Technology for Setscrew Units Timken® SAF Split Pillow Block Housed Unit Installation Sep 21, 2009 · Propane & Map Gas ( alone ) isn't going to do squat to get that nut hot enough to spin off of that axle. Tighten Nut to Original Position (~180 ft­lbs) 5. It is wednesday and the vehicle has to be fixed by Friday Remove axle nut and ABS speed sensor rotor. In the past I have just used a small pointed punch, but that can be a little fiddly. Remove the tie rod from the bearing hub. It just takes a few taps with a hammer and punch to dimple the nut flange into the little notch on the axle. Releasing (bending) the stake back so the nut can be removed with hand held punchs and a hammer is time consuming. Release punch tip easily accesses and bends the   while applying the brakes, remove the hub lh nut. Unstake the staked part of the lock nut by using a screwdriver or similar tool. Loosen the lug nuts and get the front end of the vehicle up on jack stands (or a lift if you're lucky) and then remove the front wheels. Sometimes they can stuck on there pretty good, and if you don’t have a breaker bar, doing it by hand can be tough. Remove and discard the cotter key for the lower ball joint nut, remove the nut, then separate the lower ball joint from the lower control arm using a suitable ball joint removal tool. drive tool. I attemped today to remove my rear hub from the stub axle, the haynes manual (309 version) doesnt seem to document it at all. now get your drip pan and snips, put the drip pan under the boot you're about to perform surgery on, and cut the old boot off with the snips installation reference. SEPARATE FRONT DISC BRAKE CALIPER ASSEMBLY LH (a) Remove the 2 bolts and separate the front disc brake caliper assembly LH from the steering knuckle LH. spray penetrating oil on the nut. okay when you loosen front axle nut you 6. Joined Sep 2011. This procedure prevents this motion and subsequent wear and premature failure of the hubs and bearings. You just cut a deep groove into the nut - parallel to the axle shaft, then pry off the nut with a hammer and chisel. Use with a 1/2 in. This physically prevents the nut from backing off. You will notice that there is a groove in the axle shaft that tapers up towards the nut. With bearing adjustment increments down to 0. However, if you have a Dremel, you can use it to cut the back of the indent (parallel to the front) and both left & right sides of the indent (the axle has a gap underneath so you won't damage the threads, then use a 1/4" chisel to pop out the piece. Remove the front wheel and tire (A) from front hub. Used with an air hammer, it is quick and easy to fully disengage the axle nut crimp; reducing damage to the threads. Check this component at every service interval. Using appropriate tools (3), stake the wheel drive shaft nut collar into the slot on the wheel drive shaft. 6: REMOVE BRAKE CALIPER lol, lotta guys won't agree w/my way but. $25. It simply deforms outward and off the end of the axle, allowing you to back the nut all the way off. Be sure to use plenty of that penetrating oil on that nut. To torque, or check axle nut torque, use a 6mm allen to loosen the pinch bolt in the right side lower slider. Wisting off the nut with the staked nut in place can destroy your Axle Nut and make putting a new one back on impossible. Failing to Use the Provided Self-Staking Nut. remove 3 bolts holding bearing support from back of engine 9. Remove tire/wheel assembly. Also, when I got the two of them off my car, I used a 24" breaker bar and a jack handle. Usually the hubs will come off in your hands when the nuts are backed off the rest of the way. 14. Theoretically, there is no way this is possible. The torque spec for all for axle nuts in my 2000 model year impreza service manual is 137+/=14. Don't risk it. 99. 8 N. It's larg because the nut contains a barrel which needs to be staked into a slot on the axle shaft as a secondary locking feature in case the axle nut somehow came loose, so the nut won't back out completely. 13000 STAKED AXLE NUT PUNCHES. It may take some time to get it off. Then with the wheel in the bike, try to break the other side's locknut loose, still using the cone wrench also. 8 left. $12. And  Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Schley Products 13000 Staked Axle Nut Punch Kit at the best online prices at eBay! Their axle nut selection provides the right choice when you need an OEM fit. ive got the dust cover off and removed the staked nut, how do i get the rest off? how do i remove the stub axle from the trailing arm? Thanks Use a 30mm socket on an impact wrench to remove the axle nut. SEPARATE SPEED SENSOR REAR LH. Use a length of rope or wire to support the axle while you remove the inner end. PRO TIP: The easiest way to achieve this is to replace the wheel, sit the Grizzly on the ground, and have someone apply the brakes to hold the machine in place as you torque it. But now, I’m older, and have better things to do. 13 Jun 2012 Background: In some instances the 'staked' type hub nut has been found to cause damage to the axle spindle threads when it is being removed. DO NOT fractured the wheel drive shaft nut. I use the lower receicer vice block that doesnt upport the receiver the way it should if your gonna muscle off the the staked nut so movin themetal back I can use the $7 castle nut wrench to turn it off very easily. I found the best method is to use a 1/2 inch drive breaker bar and appropriate sized socket, and stand on the bar to get the initial budge. Turn knuckle over in vise, and remove 4 brake dust cover bolts. CAUTION:Vehicle weight must not be allowed to rest on wheel bearings and hub, WITHOUT axle shaft installed and axle shaft nut tightened to specification. happened once and Apr 05, 2010 · A punch and hammer is my usual method of getting the staked part out. Remove front axle hub lh nut Using sst and a hammer, unstake the staked part of the hub lh nut. The original nut is 30mm, which you should be able to use a 1-3/16 socket on as well, but in my experience, the Beck/Arnley replacement nuts are not. Release punch tip is designed to access and release the axle nut crimp without damaging the axle or axle threads; Stake punch re-crimps the axle nut similar to factory installations; Tool bag included; Many manufactures stake (crimp) axle nuts found on 2 & 4 wheel drive vehicles to prevent the nut from loosening. 5 Spindle Nut Thread Size; 35-36mm Spindle Nut Hex Head Size; (50) ABS Ring Teeth; 27 Input Shaft Spline; (28) Output Shaft Splines; Stake Axle Nut Locking Type Condition : Remanufactured Quantity Sold : Sold individually Warranty : 1-year or 18,000-mile A1 Cardone Torque the axle bolt to 190 foot-pounds. That will expose the axle nuts to the axle hub that you will need to remove to replace the inner wheel seal. NOTICE: Loosen the staked part of the nut completely, otherwise the screw of the drive shaft may be damaged. Going to take a small punch and a hammer and bend that out so that the nut can be turned off the axle shaft. REMOVE REAR AXLE SHAFT LH NUT (a) Using SST and a hammer, unstake the staked part of the axle shaft LH nut. 001″ and exacting cup and cone alignment on the spindle, nothing compares to the precision of Pro-Torq. 69 in. Get a pry bar between the inner CV and the trans and just give it a good pop. 0 ~ 11. Press axle shaft from knuckle with Universal Puller (09950-20017). Using sst and a hammer, unstake the staked part of the nut. Reverse staked portion of companion flange nut. Remove inner fender splash shields. Notice. Break the push nut with a screwdriver or chisel. several times with the impact does pretty good. This involves hammering a punch or chisel into a small notch in the Transfer Case Output Shaft. you need a 1/2 breaker bar and axle socket to loosen axle nut dont use 12 points sockets need go auto parts store buy right socket for axle nut. The front hub coking nut should be replaced with new ones. Once the spindle nut and lug nuts are loose, raise and support the vehicle and remove the tire and spindle nut. This thing could have been loose since the car was new. It's nearly impossible unless you have a good air compressor and a powerful 1/2" or larger drive impact gun. 0 ~ 79. Dorman Spindle Nut is manufactured for high corrosion resistance and a long service life. Chevrolet Spark Axle Nut Torque. Having the other axle nut locked down is kind of like an extra arm to brace against when trying to break free the nut. Do not pound on the threaded end of the tie rod, or you won’t be able to get the nut back on. Raise the staked portion of the spindle nut with a hammer and punch. Also mark with chalk or whatever the nut in relation to the saft in relation to the axle housing. Carefully clean up tools from work area underneath, and check around for obstacles before lowering the vehicle. I would not attempt to remove nut until you've got it unstaked. 5" Diameter In the middle of my suspension replacement and stuck on the pinion nut. Loud banging noise right rear. Compressed Length; M22 x 1. May 19, 2010 · Fig. Re-torqued my axle nuts a few years back to fix the squeaking/clicking I was getting from the rear axle. While applying the brakes, remove the front axle hub LH nut. You may need an impact wrench or impact screwdriver. In order to remove the hub/drum on your trailer you will want to first remove the spindle nut. 2-3/8 in. With the old axle nut protecting the end of the axle, tap with axle while pulling the steering knuckle out and away. I didn't notice anything being staked down when removing it. When re-staking the nut, this tool has the right size and Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. then use a socket and breaker bar to loosen and remove the nut Use a small screwdriver and hammer to "un-stake" the nut. There will be a little gear lube that will come out that you will need to replace before you use the vehicle again after you replace the wheel seal. Features and Benefits: 2 Piece Punch Kit services Staked Axle Nuts found on many American, Asian & European 2 & 4 wheel drive vehicles Punches are driven by a Air Hammer reducing service times Release punch tip is designed to access and release the axle nut crimp without damaging the axle or axle threads Stake punch re-crimps the axle nut similar to factory installations Tool bag included Many I've read the archives about this removal, but I am a little sceptical of some of the entries. REMOVE REAR AXLE SHAFT NUT (a) Using SST and a hammer, unstake part of the axle shaft nut. Remove the lug nuts and your wrench from the studs. as far as the "you dont have to stake it guy" when youve I'm trying to remove my axle nut on the rear axle to get to the brake drum (replacing the pads, cleaning the drum assembly, etc). and drive it into the lip of the axle nut right where there is a keyway in the end of the axle, this helps prevent the nut from backing out. Apr 04, 2012 · That nut popped right off with that much leverage. Remove rear axle shaft nut (for 4wd) Using sst and hammer, unstake the staked part of the nut. Some are secured with a cotter pin or axle nut retainer to keep them from loosening when driving. Sst 09930-00010 Notice: Loosen the staked part of the nut completely, otherwise the screw of the drive shaft may be damaged. Once the knuckle is separated from the ball joint, remove the axle nut if you haven't already done so. can not remove axle nut. Release punch tip is designed to access and release the axle nut crimp without damaging the axle or axle. i've been able to just trun the nut with the tab still notched in and back the nut off. An impact wrench and a 36 mm socket will easily remove the axle nut without prying out the staked indentation. The special tool for un-staking axle nuts is surprisingly handy. To begin with, find 2 non self locking style flange nuts of the same size and pitch as the stud that you're working on removing. 25" socket (FSM states to apply brake while turning axle nut) 2 Remove Brake: caliper Begin by desinching the axle nut. The process is called "staking". An untouched staked wheel nut from the factory. - Remove axle nut with the wheel on the ground (to stop the wheel from turning). Applying brakes, remove the hub nut. With the wheel off and the vehicle on jack stands and supported, need to punch out the part where the axle nut has been staked into the axle. Rotate the brake drum to make sure there is no brake drag. Remove the set screw with a T50 Torx socket. Remove the brake hose (A) and wheel speed sensor (B). Release and stake the crush type axle nuts found on many vehicles. First, raise and secure the vehicle, then remove the tire and wheel. Torque wrench, so I just went a little past that and staked the nut. It says to stake the boss nut onto the axle. Little different application than a Z, but it is also a large, staked-on nut torqued to the moon. Figure 7 – Axle Shaft C-Locks For axles that were locked up , inspect the axle shaft splines and bearing race for damage. Raise and safely support the vehicle. I've heard horrible stories about grinders breaking up. Double check all fasteners before lowering. 28. The nut in the image below is called a castle nut which has 6 places in which the cotter pin can hold the nut from moving. Nov 09, 2009 · need to remove front axle nut on 2001 KIA Sephia. how to remove staked axle nut

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